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Those that can, sometimes teach

The Ride Series sprung into existence in 2015, but its origins lie further back in the undeniably rad days of the 1980s. That’s when a five-year-old Rich Drew followed his older brother Rob’s tire marks and took up riding. He was instantly hooked. And decades of BMX, enduro, XC, and other pro-level races ensued for both brothers. 

Along the way, Rich became a corporate trainer for a large automobile company. Training others in turn trained him how to, yes, train others extremely well. Which was great. Except what he wanted to do was teach others how to ride. To ride skillfully. To maximize fun while minimizing risk. Because while riding a bike down the sidewalk is easy enough for most, careening down a trail with a modicum of control takes a bit more nuance. 

So, with Rob’s help, Rich created the curriculum that would form the basis for The Ride Series. A move to Bentonville ensued, equipment was purchased, and a movement was launched. Today, The Ride Series hosts dozens of clinics every year across the country and, of course, in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World, Bentonville.

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There’s no substitute for experience

At The Ride Series, we believe that someone who claims to know how others should ride a mountain bike should actually be able to do so themselves. That’s why our current coaches – and all future coaches – will meet a minimum standard of proficiency that far exceeds what some so-called certified coaches can achieve. Will all of our coaches always have experience in the pro ranks like they do now? Probably not. But they will have years of high-level riding under their baggies and, just as important, an aptitude and desire to help others do likewise.

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