Private Instruction
A Better Rider Beats a Better Bike

Make it personal in the best way possible

A new bike won’t make you twice as good, but two days with us just might. So ask yourself, would you rather people admire your ride or what you can do on it?

If it’s the latter, you may want to consider our customized, on-trail instruction. Whether it’s just you, a small group of friends, or an ongoing development regimen, we’ll create a curriculum guaranteed to increase your abilities and your confidence in them (which is just as important). 

Custom sessions can include 1-5 riders and are designed to focus on the particular skills you or your group are wanting to improve. We combine our years of riding and teaching experience with slow-motion video analysis to give you specific advice that leads, with practice, to spectacular results. 

High Level Coaches

Some can ride, others can teach, but we believe in doing both at an extremely high level. We won’t just show you how it's done – we’ll break it down so you can do it, too.

Personalized Instruction

Long before we get you on the trail, we get to know you: your comfort zone, where you think your strengths and weaknesses are. Then, we design a session that delivers exactly what you want. Assuming you want repeated success and rapid progression.

Instant Feedback and Video Analyis

It's hard to learn a new skill, break a bad habit, or simply improve on what you're doing well when you're in the midst of actually doing it. That's why we're here. With instant, expert analysis along with video feedback, you can see exactly what you're doing instead of trying to remember what you did.

Pick Your Professional

Private Instruction with Rich Drew in Bentonville

Rich found his two-wheeled calling at the ripe old age of five when he followed his brother into the world of BMX. (Yes, “Rad” is his favorite movie.) Rich eventually made the move to mountain biking where he competed professionally in XC and enduro, winning races and championships along the way. In 2015, Rich combined his love of riding with his background in corporate training to create The Ride Series. His feel for the nuances of both teaching and the trail enables him to break down complex skills into understandable steps that riders of every level can appreciate and apply.

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Private Instruction with Rob Drew | Phoenix

Contrary to rumors circulated by his younger brother, Rich, Rob was not present at the discovery of mountain biking. He did, however, catch the BMX fever when he was five. And the only cure was more riding. In the years since, Rob has raced just about everything on two wheels – from professional Motocross and Supercross to powering himself to two Big Mountain Enduro Series Master’s Championships. A longtime Phoenix-area resident, Rob is considered by many to be the unofficial Master of South Mountain, where his surgical precision has earned him guru-like status among locals and visitors alike.

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Private Instruction
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