Guided Rides
No Better Way to Experience the Trails

Let Us Pull Back the Curtain on the Wonders of Riding in Northwest Arkansas

With over 300 miles (and counting) of trails waiting to be explored, the OZ Trails has something for everyone. The challenge, of course, is knowing where that something is, how to get there, how to experience something special along the way, and, yes, where the best snacks are. So consider taking a ride with us. We’ve worn out literally hundreds of tires riding thousands of miles, so we know just where to go whether it’s your first visit or your forty-third. This experience is strictly guiding, so if you’re looking for input on how to be better on the bike, please book private instruction with one of our experts.

Lose yourself without getting lost

Trails can be overwhelming - and even unsafe - if you're unfamiliar with them. Let us keep you on the not-so-straight and narrow while you focus on having fun.

You can follow us

We know these trails like the back of our hands and can show you lines most riders don't even know know exist.

We can follow you

You might follow us on the trail, but we'll always follow your lead. Whether you want to hit some iconic drops, flow through the raddest jump lines, or set out on an epic XC ride - or all of the above - we're ready to roll.

Guided Ride with Rich Drew

Rich found his two-wheeled calling at the ripe age of five when he followed his brother into the world of BMX. (Yes, “Rad” is his favorite movie.) Rich eventually made the move to mountain biking where he competed professionally in XC and enduro, winning races and championships along the way. In 2015, Rich combined his love of riding with his background in corporate training to create The Ride Series. His feel for the nuances of both teaching and the trail enable him to breakdown complex skills into understandable steps that riders of every level can appreciate and apply.

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Guided Ride in Phoenix with Rob Drew | Phoenix

Contrary to rumors circulated by his younger brother, Rich, Rob was not present at the discovery of mountain biking. He did, however, catch the BMX fever when he was five. And the only cure was more riding. In the years since, Rob has raced just about everything on two wheels – from professional Motocross and Supercross to powering himself to two Big Mountain Enduro Series Master’s Championships. A longtime Phoenix-area resident, Rob is considered by many to be the unofficial Master of South Mountain, where his surgical precision has earned him guru-like status among locals and visitors alike.

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