Our Team of Professionals

Founder | Lead Coach

Rich Drew

Rich found his two-wheeled calling at the ripe age of five when he followed his brother into the world of BMX. (Yes, “Rad” is his favorite movie.) Rich eventually made the move to mountain biking where he competed professionally in XC and enduro, winning races and championships along the way. In 2015, Rich combined his love of riding with his background in corporate training to create The Ride Series. His feel for the nuances of both teaching and the trail enables him to break down complex skills into understandable steps that riders of every level can appreciate and apply.

Pro Coach

Mason De Keyrel

Mason De Keyrel has managed to pack five decades’ worth of experience into 25 years of living. Born into a motorsports racing family, Mason cut his teeth and bruised a few body parts racing in motorcross and BMX. After adding professional enduro and down hill races to his CV, Mason joined TRS as an adjunct professor of awesomeness. (He has since achieved full tenure.) Mason’s cool demeanor belies his ability to clearly define and demonstrate the gnarliest of skills. In other words, he can share it, explain it, and help you nail it.

Pro Coach | Content Creator

Jess Hana

Ten minutes into her first MTB adventure a dozen years ago, Jess Hana found herself flat on her back, staring at the sky, and no longer ignorant of what the initials OTB stood for. Inglorious beginnings aside, Jess took the encouragement of her fellow women riders and kept at it. To say the least. Today, she is wise in the ways of all things TRS, Level 2 PMBIA Air Certified Instructor, a master at Drop the Hammer, and a popular MTB-based content creator known as @jessthemaker on Instagram. Her goal as both an educator and entertainer is to make mountain biking approachable and accessible to everyone. No trips over the bars required.

Pro Coach

Rob Drew | Phoenix

Contrary to rumors circulated by his younger brother, Rich, Rob was not present at the discovery of mountain biking. He did, however, catch the BMX fever when he was five. And the only cure was more riding. In the years since, Rob has raced just about everything on two wheels – from professional Motocross and Supercross to powering himself to two Big Mountain Enduro Series Master’s Championships. A longtime Phoenix-area resident, Rob is considered by many to be the unofficial Master of South Mountain, where his surgical precision has earned him guru-like status among locals and visitors alike.
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