Three Ways To Start The Ride

Improve the way you improve your ride

The Ride Series was designed from the wheels up to be different. To be better. To deliver the mountain biking knowledge and skills required to have maximum fun with minimum risk when on the trail. 

Our skills clinics focus on the foundational principles and techniques of mountain biking. From braking and turning to drops and lifts to, yes, jumping, we’ll help you build confidence by building your proficiency. Rep after rep after smile-inducing rep, with constructive feedback you’ll actually understand and appreciate. No guesswork. No pressure. 

Though your time with us may be brief, we promise the lessons you learn will help you progress for many miles to come.

Pick the Right Session

MTB 201

This session is perfect for the majority of riders and will cover everything you need to get dialed in for years to come. You’ll learn the fundamentals and have the opportunity to put them into practice again and again and again. Because time under task gives you the best chance at success.

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MTB 301

Designed for intermediate and advanced riders (and those who have most likely taken MTB 201), this session focuses on honing skills, nailing technique, and making proper execution feel like second nature. And did we mention? There’s more jumping!

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Jump Session

There is no safer way to learn jumping than with a TRS Jump Session. Designed to progress riders through multiple sizes of ramps, you’ll learn a little bit of physics and a good amount of technique and do a whole lot of reps (with video feedback) to help you dial it in.

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